Thanks to the partnership with CSL, a company of the SACCO SYSTEM group, a pioneer company that has believed in the importance of probiotics for human health since the early 1950s, the probiotic strains, selected by ProbioEtna are developed and produced at industrial scale with high quality and safety standards boasting international certifications.


CSL is one of the few companies in the nutraceutical sector that offers all certified facilities for the production of microorganism-based drugs. CSL develops, produces, and sells probiotic strains for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and agro-zootechnical industries. t is one of the leading companies which strongly believes in the importance of probiotics for human health. Nowadays, the production of probiotics for third parties is one of the core businesses of CSL.


Thanks to this partnership, ProbioEtna is able to offer to agribusiness, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic companies, operating in the nutraceutical and probiotic sectors, services with high scientific and technological content.